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>> the news begins anew on "studio b." the middle of the news, the end of the news, it's the news. lots of white stuff. canceled flights, made roads dangerous. investigators say an arsonist is burning down churches in part of texas. we'll hear from the fire chief on how churchgoers plan to protect themselves and blago, the former governor of illinois and would be accused were it for fox report. the charges have now changed. weem we'll explain. the u.s. administration today put new sanctions aimed as punishing iran's leaders for the nuclear program. the action is focused on one man and four construction if i did he -- had he he does up. he's a general in the revolutionary guard and the firm
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operates as part of the unit. profits of the companies are used to funded guard nuclear program. they say it's for peaceful purposes but the united states and allies say they're trying to build a nuclear bomb. the treasury reports it's freezing assets the firm has in american accounts, the four if i did have -- four firms have. new pictures out of iran showing them producing more highly enriched uranium. mike emmanuel on this hour's top story. start with president mahmoud ahmadinejad. he met with am ambassadors. >> he has an opportunity to rant about familiar themes saying the rest of the world is trying to prevent countries like iran from
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advancing in science and technology and the west and everybody else is trying to keep them in a box. the also said the presence of troops in iraq and afghanistan is destabilizing. a lot of positives? not much there. >> new sanctions today, can the sanctions do anything without the help of the others? the monetary ones might? >> absolutely. and the thinking behind it is you want to go after the revolutionary guards, not the afternoon iranian people. if you crack down on finances, you're not dependent on the u.s. security council. this is something unilaterally the u.s. can do to crack town. >> if sounds as if the regime is trying trying to to crack down on the opposition, the green movement.
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>> hussein mousavi has encouraged his supporters to take to the streets tomorrow on the anniversary for the regime. we've heard from groups that hundreds of people have been arrested already in advance of those planned protests. and we've also heard from the "wall street journal" moments ago that iran plans to shut down google email service, so that may be a way iranian people would want to get pictures and images to the rest of the world is google email is shut down. >> mike emmanuel, thank you. it's snowing. at least it's snowing here. and everyone but us is at home or in central park having snowmobile fights a major storm dumping reported amounts of snow from washington to boston.
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good grief, upper top left, washington. a foot more expected on top of the nearly 3 feet over the weekend. let that sink in. five days, a total of 4 feet. the average height of a adolescent child. look for buried children a blizzard warning in effect a potential for zero visibility or less than a quarter mile. bottom left is somewhere in jersey. the scene is just as bad as reported. police urging folks to stay home. bottom right is tiny town, u.s.a. new york city, no school. 1.1 million students in the public schools alone out for the day and we're told the big apple could see a foot or more before it's to know. see how the bottom of this thing appears to have a counterclockwise flow? you know how they have
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lake-effect snow in buffalo? in a couple of hours new york city will get what amounts to ocean effect snow. the wind off the ocean at 35, 40, gusting to 50 miles an hour, making whiteout conditions and no, jimmy campbell, you should not be driving. no matter what your name is, don't drive. you're tough, you carry a gun, you aware a badge. whatever. you shouldn't drive unless you have to drive because it's the other guy, the idiot in the other vehicle who is going to hurt you. laura ingle live in new york city, rick reichmuth on the 14th they're. that was explanation wrong? ocean effect snow? >> a nor'easter, the center of the area of low pressure is over water. if you get that center over water, you have endless moisture and it makes the storms pound so much snow and the wind get to strong, blizzard warnings where you see the red, that's a
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problem. across the southern appalachians as well. we had rain, here if southern jersey, that's felled in to snow. the counterclockwise rotation pulling in colder air from the north and it's all snow from this point forward, including new york, up about halfway through hartford, connected connecticut. this storm will pull towards the he's, these are isobars. >> isobars. >> you like that? >> they're delicious. pulls off towards the east. 6:00 in the morning the storm a gone and the blizzard warnings expire. temperatures tomorrow above freezing. tonight it's pretty much gone but snowfall totals be going to be ex treatment new york city, 10 to 14. less towards boston. washington, d.c., where you've
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been pummeled this year, you have more coming from this storm as well. >> so driving around 8:00 in new york city, good or bad idea? >> really bad. >> shepard: especially in jersey, a bad idea. >> really bad idea. the wind is kicking up as the afternoon goes on and tonight so whiteout conditions, blizzard, decreased visibility to less than a quarter mile three hours or more, winds gusting 33 miles an hour. >> a day for the subway. >> one of my favorite things about hurricanes and snow storms is high paid reporters get sent out into them. better you than me. >> things have been going from slushy to snowpacked the last few hours. we're live outside of newscorp's building. down the street is where the action is, people are scraping the sidewalks and that guy on the snowplow, here he comes
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again, he's been going back and forth, moving snow out into the streets. >> they do a great job. >> they do. the name of the game is keeping things dry. in philadelphia, the governor shut three major intersays. 83, 78 and part of 81 in philadelphia shut down in that renal. we're just trying to stay dry. >> that's crazy pictures there. airports, trains, busses, what do we know? >> a lot of problems obviously and most major air carriers are shutting down. airports are open in new york but flights are canceled as they are in philadelphia. name of the game, call ahead because things are a mess the next few days. >> a few years ago i did "studio b" on the corner, 48th and 6th. right there there were 12, 14-foot piles of snow. the big snow machines, not the sarah palin snow machines but the ones we use here.
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they would pile up a mountain and we climbed on that. >> we're waiting for it. i just got new snow chains for my shoes. >> for your shoes? >> check it out. i'm waiting to use these. i'm slipping on the concrete but these are important to much days like today. supposed to be a lot worse by fox report. >> let me guess, you own the company that makes the snow chains for your shows. >> i don't even know what company. they came in my stocking. >> company issued. laura ingle, thank you, ma'am. >> wow, a new whether center on line, actually see live pictures of the snow and get the latest forecast, pop in your zip code and get your weather. information you need to know before you hit the streets, airports and busses. don't drive today. while you're on the web, check
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out our page. don't look yet because it's on the wrong thing. wrong website. i'll get in trouble for that. not negative or anything but somebody else's website. we have a new poll. ellen degeneres made her debut on the big fox. highlights and early reviews and the question is, will ellen boost season ratings? only 92 of you have voted. i don't know if you watched yesterday but this is a glare. yesterday we had a trivet apow -- i screwed that up. a p.o.w. from iraq and i thought we had a great interview. we put it up on the web at >> new developments from planet blago. is snowing there?
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blagojevich in court today facing revived charges for his scheme to sell president obama's vacated senate seevment blago in 90 seconds. @=h
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news from planet blagojevich, rod blagojevich in court to answer a batch of new charges. the feds say he tried to trade president obama's senate seat for money or favors. the indictment keeps the accusations and adds
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racketeering, distortion and bribery. building told the judge i enter a plea of innocence. you can't enter that. in each case you're wondering he told the judge he's not taking any medication. after the hearing, blago called for prosecutors to release recordings at the center of the case. >> i challenge the government, if you're on the side of truth and justice as you say and if this was a crime spree, don't hide behind tech caltys, play all the tames. >> blah blah blah, building go. the tapes got him in trouble. one has him talking about the senate seat saying i got this thing and it's fenning golden. >> drew is sitting high and dry in atlanta. i want to get this out there. arthur, he wants to play these tapes, play all the tapes,
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because then he knows everything that the feds have on him. the feds were recording him, he wasn't recording himself? you know their evidence, you can fight against it i'm guessing. >> it's a brilliant way to get early discovery and that's where he's headed. they don't have to turn over discovery until the eve of trial. but the tapes in my opinion are going to crush him. he's been on every media outlet that will give him an audience, spewing and spewing and spewing and what the prosecutors will do is take all that and splice and cut and take it all and use that to hurt his defense more and more. and there's nothing -- >> shepard: or to show what he did. >> fine. there's nothing worse as a criminal defense attorney to hear your words or client words uttered over and over to establish your own guilt.
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>> shepard: defense attorney drew findlay? >> he's entitled to the tapes, he's says don't pick and choose. >> shepard: water is down. give me a sea of stuff but the part that is germane to the case will be watered down? >> what you're going to see is they probably accomplished about 1/10 of 1% of the tapes and he's counting on 99.9% of the rest of the tapes are exculpatory or innocuous and he says put it in context and it's much ado about nothing. what is important today -- hold on a second -- they reindicted the case to most of away from the honest services violations which the supreme court is
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probably about to toss down the drain making it more difficult. >> if the rest of the tapes are innocuous, that's one thing. i think east going to show he had a lots of conversations about nothing. even if there's one tenth of 10% that shows he's culpaable that's enough. >> i disagree. then you say to the jury this other the 99% is reasonable doubt. he could be puffing and bsing on the tape. it may come out as a bunch of bull. >> hey, hey, everybody's allowed to make comments. if you put it in context, then it may come out to be a. >> you have to admit all the things he's saying, you know
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the -- i know you've been involved in cases and i have where you sit as a defense attorney and hear the prosecutor playing your own client's words on abc and fox and this and that and the other thing and fox's news channel and website and you cringe because there's nothing you can do. those are his words he's saying and implicating himself. >> you want to throw up. >> who gets the last word? >> it becomes difficult if he chooses to testify at trial. it's today are for cross-examination. hopefully they've carefully chosen their words. the government does it every twist and turn. they were caught off guard and gave the no comment today. >> drew findlay, arthur, you got to the best. the feds pointing to arson as the cause of a string of texas church fires. serious stuff. the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms says at least eight
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separate churches were the target. now two more churches that had fires are being investigated. we have new details and we're live with the police chief. that's next.
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>> shepard: winter storms even got snowflakes behind meevment aren't those great? the winter storm blowing across the east coast making traveling chapelling. we have video. a 50-car pileup westbound on the 64 freeway in williamsburg, virginia. it snows on the roads and on the train tracks. amtrak and commuter trains experiencing delays and cancellations. airports in the snow zone, many are closed. most of the flights are canceled. molly is in the d.c. newsroom. talk about the road.
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some areas telling snowplow operatatories chill for a bit and major interstates are closed? >> yes and there is where we've been monitoring the roads. we have a lot of feeds, including 395 around d.c. and we look at the dog, because he's cute and enjoying the snow. far are north, pennsylvania governor closed portions of several interstates including i-83 and i-81 and turning away vehicles at the border because of the conditions. elsewhere, treacherous driving and some counties, montgomery andal drink i can't virginia told the plow operatorrers to pull over of the mayor the d.c. said it will be a long hall for snowplow and salt truck drivers. >> we were telling our drivers, during the whiteout, take it easy because we don't want serious injuries to them or anybody else but they're out on
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12-hour shifts for the foreseeable future. >> in baltimore, the government banned most cars and trucks. mayor tweeted, quote, only emergency vehicles are permitted on city roadways, everybody else has to stay off. >> planes and trains. in the tri-state it's iffy. >> as the storm intensified, more closures have come in. a partial list, reaganen national airport closed, dulles airport low he ised. baltimore washington international, bwi, pretty much every canceled there. philadelphia international closed to all commercial flights and amtrak running limited service with most but not all trains going north or south of d.c. canceled. >> that's philly and new york, same in -- philly and washington, newark is not taking inning. just stay home and enjoy
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yourself. >> many churches in east texas are hiring security, others have volunteers stand guard and arp son investigators search for a person or persons that burned down places of worship t started last month with fires in athens, next in tyler, texas, lindadale and will's points. some within hours of the last. so far no reports of anybody hurt and no arrests. neil franklin is the chief. i guess our working together. any ideas about who or why? >> it is a group evident. we've got multiple agencies involved and we're not sure at this point who and why. we're looking at several leads. we've got in fact hundreds of leads we're chasing town and we're -- down, hoping to come to a conclusion. >> no who or why, what about
3:25 pm
how? similar techniques? >> some of our fires are similar. we can't really get into details because of the investigation that's continuing but some are similar so we know that a few of them appear to be connected. we've had out of the eleven fires we've had, eight of those fires have been deemed arson and then the last two we just had in northern smith county were suspicious in nature. >> shepard: for so many hundreds of millions of people there's not a place, outside your own house, not a more important place than church. your families get together, you're there with friend. i wonder how people are taking it? >> it's been devastating to the community. i say devastating but they've come together. we have heard quotes from church members that we're the church, our building is not. i think our community has grown close. they're all working out there to
3:26 pm
keep their buildings safe and they're taking the church membership, the ones that can't afford 24-hour security are taking turns. they're taking time out, guarding their church. we told them even though it's texas, we told them to arm themselves with cell phones and call 911 in case they see something suspicious. >> shepard: i read that, arm yourselves with cell phones. one of the biggest fears is somebody trying to protect a place might get in the way of somebody who doesn't worry about somebody getting hurt and that would be all of. >> absolutely. our concern is safety. that's another reason we're looking at prosecuting someone as quickly as possible and getting these people away. it's a matter of time if we keefe keep having fires, someone's going to get hurt, firefighter or someone in a meeting and the arsonist doesn't know it.
3:27 pm
that's the concern is the safety. >> chief neil franklin at the tyler fire department. gallon good luck to you. >> in pakistan they confirm the death of a taliban leader. we have the details. first in germantown, maryland. very dark there apparently. there it is. wow, that's a drift. alternate side park rules are suspended. baltimore broke the record for the snowiest winter. historic spacecrafts exposed to the temperatures. a wall collapsed in the smithsonian stubbornly facility. we're live with all of the snow updates. 2 1/2 minutes. male announcer ] e had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery,
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other rare but serious side effects may occur.
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is. >> shepard: snomageddon and in maryland a new snow record. almost 5 1/2 feet of snow. the before i had -- blizzard warning is in effect. >> this is what is it like to be in germmantown, maryland. 28, 30 inches of snow on the ground and the wind is blowing like crazy. you can't see where you're going. we took a walk to an area where they have a bunch of stores and
3:31 pm
found people doing hard work. take a look. >> about 20 degrees, 35 miles an hour winds, in some cases whiteout conditions, a lot of bad jobs on a day like today. not a day at the beach being a reporter but my hat is off to these guys. we're on top of a home depot roof in germantown, maryland. they're shoveling the snow off. in a building like this there's concern about weight on a flat roof so they have 10 or 12 guys taking off the heavy snow, shoving it into the parking lot below. you have to stay up with it because if you don't and keep your walk clean and your car dug outs, this is what you end up with at the end of about 35 inches of snow. these people are on their own. >> that's going to have to melt. if you scrape off that thing you'll scrape the paint and it
3:32 pm
will be a mess. >> yes. it's just unbelievable out here. i can't describe it. everywhere, piles and piles and piles of snow. >> at least you have a tent and kerosene heater so you and the crew should be fine. good luck, brian. >> see you later. >> overseas, two stories out of pakistan. first the death of a top taliban leader. pakistani officials report to us he died from wounds suffered in the u.s. missile strike last month. there have been rumors he was dead but this is the first something like a confirmation. despite that death, another reminder of the militant threat in pakistan a bomber blew himself up in a town entrepreneur the border of afghanistan, at least ten people killed. >> how bad is the east coast snowstorm? so bad, city leaders in
3:33 pm
washington, d.c. called the national guard to help. a live report and a ride along with members of the national guard on the snowy streets of the capital. as snow la palooza continues,thl 2010. even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the first snowfall of the year as just begun in d.c. the national guard is involved in snowato comecy. the national correspondent steve is embedded with the national guard. hello steve. >> shep, we're on a snowy side street in washington, d.c. with our live camera from inside a humvee, riding with two national guardsmen. the street hasn't been plowed since the first storm hit last friday when they got 2 to 3 feet. sod it's like a blizzard and the snow has been blowing like a blizzard and this street is not
3:37 pm
accessible to any cars. some have not been cleared or moved. i don't know if you could. for the humvee, no problem. we're rolling down in this car built pretty rough and tough and has no problem in deep snow. fat tires, i wanted suspension -- independent suspension and two national guard, one from afghanistan and another just joined and may be headed over there. the humvee called out at the request of the city a dozen of them put on emergency calls to clear access and get police officers where they need to go because it's hard to get around in this snowy city. >> always at the ready. a cool shot live as they moval in the human humvee. big changes at american idol. simon's last season and last night, ellen's big debut.
3:38 pm
>> this is it? i come on, you leave. >> was she a big hit? reaction from hollywood and from you. log on to voting is not going in ellen's favor but i know better. some of you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. ellen is hilarious. embrace it, go with it. she's awesome. pan left, harry. that's the interview we had here on "studio b" yesterday with a pow from the war and she's really awesome and i would love for you to see that. if you want to buy her book, you can do that. she wouldn't mind. back to ellen. will she boost american idol's ratings? i think she will. log on to and vote. jonathan is out today so don't worry about his chat but go, vote, okay?
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thank you. and albacore tuna, crab, salmon and ocean fish flavors.
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>> shepard: ellen degeneres making her debut on american idol, taking the place of paula abdul despite her lack of experience in the music descry but we addressed the critics. >> i don't know how you feel but when people say what do you know about music, i know what it's like to stand on stage and try to please a room full of people. that is a hard thing to do. >> she knows the dance. despite that ellen didn't skimp on the criticism. >> i'm tired as it is, that almost put me right out. >> it was crazy i think. in a bad way crazy. >> i'm sorry. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> put some shoes on here. it's filthy here. hollywood is a disgusting town. >> shepard: she had no problem playing with the contestants' nerves. >> danny, step forward. tory step forward.
3:43 pm
now maddie step back. danny step to your left a little bit. [ laughter ] claire, step forward and then step back real quick. you're all going through. >> tv guide says i think people were expecting her to be a replacement for paula and she was really a replacement for simon. this is his last season but paula was not forgotten. >> straight up now tell me ♪ ♪ dow really want to love to be forever ♪ ♪ am i caught in a hit-and-run? >> yes, that contestant performing paula's hit. log on to a lot of you weighed in and 70% of your have your hate on. come on, get in there and fix that. sharon waxman, editor and chief
3:44 pm
of the that breaks news all the time in hollywood. filthy place. what did you think of her last night? >> i thought she was good. i really -- yeah, i did. she had very ditsy shoes to fill but she said i'm not going to fill the paula slot, i'm doing the ellen thing and she had strong opinions. she acted i thought like she'd been there a year. she was ordering people around and making lists and telling people thumb he is up or down. she wasn't timid at all which was cool. >> i just can't see ellen as timid in much of any sort of environment. she always seems confident and seems to -- she seemed to put people at ease, really. >> i think that she -- she's a familiar presence to people. but you don't know how she's going to act in that context. she doesn't have the credibility
3:45 pm
of someone from the musical world but she can acknowledge that and she said basically i'm going to have strong opinions here and i'm going to tell you what i think. but she did it in a funny way. i don't know why your polls came out lop sided. >> i don't know. paula abdul, you know, she had her moments. and there were times when -- let me be delicate. there were times when the critics thought she might have been in the sauce or something or other, you know? >> she might have been in her own zone, parallel universe and that was the fun. the question is, is ellen going to create a kind of rapport with the other judges that is going to be it's own narrative? because that was a lot of the fun paula, simon, paula-randy,
3:46 pm
paula kara, did they get along? so ellen, she's not going to want to be and island. she want to have relationships to play off the other judges but it's awkward since simon's leaving. >> there's a method to the madness. when you put together a show you try to create different narratives. so if you don't love the whole singing part, you might love the judge part. you don't love that, you might love. this it's a matter to bring as many people under the tent without pushing anyone away. if you see ellen as the kind of person who makes somebody who otherwise have watched not watched? >> yes. >> really? >> i think the more potent question for them is, can she replace simon. you said at the top. simon is the reason people watch the show i believe more than anything. he's entertaining, funny, he's a villain and he speaks the truth.
3:47 pm
he says what we all think at home and nobody else dares to say. he's there to do that. if she can fill that role, they have a chance of making the franchise interesting after he goes. the singing to me is great. but it's almost ins accidental. simon is the most interesting character on the show by far. that's the challenge. >> it is and it's a big one. sharon waxman of the great to see you. >> thank you. >> we're going to give you results of the poll. a couple thousands of you voted. i wanted to give are more time. do you think ellen will boost it is ratings. we've got sad news breaking now. charles wilson, the former u.s. congressman from texas, has been reported to have died by a hospital there. you may remember charlie wilson from charlie wilson's war if you're not up on the politics.
3:48 pm
charlie wilson -- this is the movie, it's based on his story in washington. he raised funds for the afghan huge had a dean when they were fighting the soviets and they ran tail, tail tucked out to pass there. and it was largely believed that charlie wilson's efforts to get funding were the ones who ran the soviets out. he represented the second district in east texas in the house 1973 to 1996. and he was the subject of that movie. he was known around washington as good time charlie, charlie wilson dead today at the age of 76. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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new video and disturbing video from settlement,
3:52 pm
surveillance cameras showing a 15-year-old girl punching and kicking another teenager. they do it all the time but not normally on camera. it was in front of security guard. tim gaughan is tracking this. >> this is disturbing. we have seen this before, not usually in sight of security guard. 7:00 p.m. january 28, seattle's metro bus tunnel. it starts off with a group teens harassing 15-year-old girl. when the video starts we see a girl fight one-on-one. the video shows all this is taking place in front of flee security guards, well marked, bright yellow jackets and security on their backs. after the victim is punched, the attack is worse and the suspect kicks her face and storms on her head. the victim is all right but what is striking is the security people. the guards are not trained police officers on to transit. they're county road workers for olympic security service. according to the contract, the
3:53 pm
guards observe and report problems. not get involved. transit manager says the policy is out of date and it's under review. the girl will be okay and there have been arrests of the suspects and all this under review. according to the contract they're to observe, report and not get involved. still very shocking. >> tim gaughan, thanks a lot. >> one of the president's top money men is laying out the government's strategy to lay out the money lent during the height of the economic crisis. ben bernanke was expected to testify but the hearing was canceled because of the snow. bernanke says the fed will likely raise it is interest rate it pays banks. raise the rate but analysts say that could hurt folks looking for consumer loans because banks have incentive to sit on their money rather than lend. this is the cycle and we're gob to move forward.
3:54 pm
bernanke says the move is months away and claims it's best for the fed to recoup the money it loaned out. you may wonder why would the federal reserve do something to make it more difficult to get loans? at the same time, the obama administration wants banks to extend loans to small business to say they can hire more workers. it's a central component of the job creation plan. major garrett has more. how can each happen at the same time, as if i didn't know? >> i've talked to senior administration officials and of course the federal reserve is an independent agency, the white house and treasury department don't like to talk about the policy but the federal reserve and government are more interlinked since the financial crisis and they say one of the things they're impressed about is the federal reserve taking a move that -- this is important, many months down the road, they believe the federal reserve is signaling to larger currency
3:55 pm
markets and observers that the federal reserve has plan to drive down the money supply, meaning not print as much or lend out as much as it did when it intervened and they do not believe it's fundamentally going to limit the credit available to those who want it and are seeking it. a couple of things, they believe as the gross domestic product improves and people are confident, there will be more requests for lending and more credit in the market. one of the things going on is people aren't requesting credited because they don't believe the economy justifies hiring more people. that is true for big spawned businesses. they do not believe the feds will interview with what they're trying to accomplish. >> all right, major garrett, live at the white house, it stopped snowing? >> yes but the wind is kicking up. >> we can hope the snow comes back. new yorkers know it's not
3:56 pm
safe to leave anything unattended on the street. it will be gone before wait until you hear what one crook apparently snagged. that's next. @=h
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
minute and a half left before the closing bell on the streets. let's check and see the results of the poll. will ellen boost american idol's rating? a third of you say yes. two-thirds say no and about 3500 votes. pretty good number out of a million, million one, two,
3:59 pm
viewers. so two third of you say no, she won't improve anything. we'll see, we'll watch and let you know. >> then there's this before we wrap it up here. is nothing safe? a woman left her terrier tied up outside a store and she heard a funny bark and discovered someone stole the dog's winter coat off i say back. it was worth $25 but it was a good thing the dog wasn't wearing the more expensive rubbery coat. there are rules about animals. they already have oats. when they go to the dog walk, the friends just laugh at them. you don't hear it but i'm a shepperd, so ... i can hear it. the dogs don't like wearing clothes. laugh, all right. i mean sit out here and make

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News/Business. Shepard Smith. Shepard Smith reports on the days top news stories. New. (CC)

TOPIC FREQUENCY Washington 8, Plavix 7, Simon 6, U.s. 5, Texas 5, Charlie Wilson 5, Maryland 4, Paula 4, Philadelphia 4, Afghanistan 3, Iran 3, Pakistan 3, New York 3, New York City 3, Hollywood 3, Baltimore 2, Germantown 2, Humvee 2, East Texas 2, Philly 2
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